Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Years Resolutions♡

Hey Everyone!
Today i am writing about my new years resolutions(as you can probably tell by the title haha)
I have been thinking about my resolutions for a while now, and i think i have finally got a good list of things i would like to achieve in 2015.

My first resolution would be to stay organised. At the start of every school year my planner and work space, even space around me is so clean. Then you get to december it is a mess not even an organised mess. So i just want to be tidy as i really benefit from it when i do keep it up.

Secondly, i want to take a lot more opportunities. As Zoella once said 'just say yes'. So now i am going to say yes to as many opportunities and challenges i am faced to.

In my last post i said that i would love to try and make blogging a resolution. This is true, however i would like to just keep up blogging i want to keep up the rest of my resolutions i want to just never give up. 

My last resolution is to help. My mum has a busy lifestyle so i would love to just help even if it is just a little chore around the house. I just want to make someone else's life a little bit easier.

Well there you go! I hope you enjoyed reading about my resolutions!
I am aware i will probably not achieve all of these aims but i am going to give it a good go and try!
I would be very happy to hear your resolutions in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,
Glitter And Glam


  1. Hey I just emailed you at it's not working, Idk why.
    Sorry :/
    Little Dreamer xx

    1. hey! Sorry, i was supposed to tell you aha thats why it didn't work.
      hope you can email me!
      Glitter and glam xx