Wednesday, 28 January 2015

2015 ♡

Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry for not posting very often like 1 a week is not acceptable. At least you all now know why i said i can't set myself a strict schedule to keep by. 

Any way this blog post is going to be about all of the exciting things that are happening in 2015. 
I have a lot of things that i am hoping i will do in 2015. so instead of boring you i am going to jump right in!

1- I hope to go on holiday in march! My family have a holiday home in Turkey so we go nearly every year. This year however we will be going on my birthday (29th march). 
2- I am also hoping to go to Turkey in august swell. I know that is very lucky! I am so grateful! 
3- After my holiday in march my mum said that we might be able to get a DOG!!! I am so excited for this, i would like a teeny tiny chihuahua! I have a few names in mind however i am not sure so if you have any suggestions please comment them down below.
4- I am also really hoping to go to Amity Fest!!!!! Omg if i got V.I.P tickets though?!? I am gonna save and try and get them!!

Okay that is a few thing is hope to be doing this year! Please comment and tell me yours!

I know i said i would do a long blog post and trust me its coming!!

Thank you for reading,
Glitter And Glam


  1. My family have have a holiday home in Turkey too! Well my nan and grandad but we all go. We may be going in May :) xx

  2. Hey do you mind following my blog, I will follow back it is thanks xxx